A lovely diversion: warm season vegetables

It’s been great to be able to focus on new Zoom presentations about plant-related topics.  Not only did I need to get much more familiar with Zoom (a good thing), but also diverting to think about warm season vegetables, too.

mid-May vegetable beds (oh, and look at the white rose behind!)

I extracted warm season vegetable content from my normal year-round vegetable gardening program, added a bit more about growing favorite “summer” vegetables, and generally redid a program for what I did this morning.

It was my first Zoom presentation.  I’ve been on a number of Zoom programs, led informal garden chats, talked with my family, but — doing a regular presentation via Zoom — totally unfamiliar.

Fortunately, having a few of the participant’s “live” video faces on my sidebar helped me ground with the audience, rather than just feeling like I was talking to myself.  Curious.

But the Q&A afterwards went fine, as folks raised their real hands with questions and un-muted themselves, and we really had minimal technical glitches. 

I was a co-host along with the lovely staff person from the nursery who sponsored the program.  When she disappeared as she was introducing me, I could just launch right in.

On the sidebar of the blog, there are links to the pdf version of my program along with the handouts. 

Feel free to share them, as you like!