A wonderful afternoon in the garden

I woke up worried (I’m an anxious sort, which served me well in my previous work life,  being translated into a very good sense of process and time),

Happily, though, it was an absolutely beautiful day in Western North Carolina and first a walk and then an afternoon spent gardening totally turned around my state of mind, and I felt totally happy sowing beet and spinach seeds, cleaning up the pocket meadow beds of leaves covering their crowns.

The flowering Asian cherries are lovely and the Asian magnolias are unscathed with frost, so far.  A warm spring, so far.  This was on  a walk in a nearby neighborhood.                                            

This afternoon’s gardening was so encouraging. 
Coming in, in late afternoon, I saw my image in the upstairs bathroom.  I was wearing my Inspired Gardener hat, from late year’s Garden Blogger Fling, thanks to Botanical Interests.  It’s my favorite hat in windy weather, that’s for sure, and it made me happy today, to see this reflection in the mirror.