Favorite recommendations for pollinator-friendly gardens

I like promote these as they’re adaptable, easy to grow  native perennials,  often with multiple good species to choose from within a particular genus.  (This is a list to accompany a presentation I’m doing shortly for Pollination Celebration in Asheville GreenWorks Bee City program).
Herbaceous perennials (average to dry sites):

  Asclepias tuberosa  Butterfly Weed

  Baptisia spp.  False Wild Indigo

  Coreopsis spp.  Coreopsis

  Echinacea spp.  Coneflowers

  Eupatorium perfoliatum   Common boneset

  Helianthus spp.  Sunflower

  Liatris spp.  Blazing Star

  Penstemon spp.  Beardtongue

  Pycnanthemum spp.  Mountain mints

  Rudbeckia fulgida  Black-eyed Susan

  Rudbeckia spp.  Black-eyed Susan

  Silphium spp.  Prairie dock; compass plant

  Solidago spp.  Goldenrod

  Symphyotrichum spp.  Asters

  Thermopsis villosa  Carolina false lupine 
  Zizia aurea  Golden Alexanders

Herbaceous perennials (moist sites):

Eutrochium spp.  Joe-PyeWeed

          (syn. Eupatorium)

Lobelia spp.  Lobelia, Cardinal flower

Phlox spp.  Phlox

Monarda spp.  Bee-balm

Vernonia spp.  Ironweed