Pale Indian Plaintain and creating naturalistic landscapes

I managed to distract myself this afternoon by working on a revision of a long-given theme: Creating a Naturalistic Garden.   I’ve called this “Gardening for Nature” or “Creating a Natural Garden” — etc. in the past. I’ve talked about this now for decades, promoting native plants in naturalistic landscapes.

A recent physically-distanced walk with a gardening friend had us happen upon an unfamiliar native (to me).

Working on my program this afternoon, looking at Larry Mellichamp’s great book about Native Plants of the Southeast, I realized what it was: Pale Indian Plaintain (Cacalia atriplicifolia), now it’s

Arnoglossum atriplicifolium. A lovely plant — I wish I had room for it in the pocket meadow.

From Larry Weaner’s wonderful book: Garden Revolution

And here’s a link to one of many places to acquire it:

Finally, a link to piece about a recent pocket meadow program that I did.  The young Americorp volunteer did a nice job.