Spring is almost here

The Ozark witch hazel in our front garden is in full bloom.

It’s lovely, and I’m glad we pruned the stem sprouts before we left for our winter sojourn in Quebec.  It looks much better.  And interestingly, I’m thinking, at some point, the leaves (that had been retained late), finally dropped, so the structure of this small tree can be enjoyed.

It’s a focal point in front of the house, so nice to see it!

Around town, there are signs of spring everywhere:  Asian cherries with buds about to burst, Asian yellow jasmine already in flower, daffodils in flower, etc.

The sassafras tree out our upstairs window has decidedly swollen flower buds.   Revisting past posts about Sassafras confirmed flowering dates in mid-March.   Amazing that I’ve had so many posts about Sassafras over the years.