Veggies to plant

Deciding whether to write about a reflection about corona virus to come or veggies to plant, I’m opting for veggies.

I was fortunate to have kale, collards, and spinach overwinter, so that was great.  But the older Tuscan kale was starting to bolt, and I already harvested it.  We returned last fall at the end of September, so I was hard pressed to find any transplants at all — I think I got the one I planted at the local Ace Hardware or possibly Jesse Israel.  They were definitely the last of the transplants.

I sowed spinach seeds right away, though, and have been delighted to have them overwinter without cover.  The spinach plants look great.

But, there’s lots of room for more cool season spring veggies, so I bought kale, collards, and chard at my favorite local purveyor this afternoon.
I’m planning to sow sugar snap peas and mesclun mix soon, too. I opted for now not to add lettuce transplants — lettuce did SO much better last summer in Quebec, I’m not sure it’s worth the space in my spring raised beds.
The greens may well come in handy as a source of fresh veggies, if our grocery trips become limited.  
Who knows?