Walking in local neighborhoods

We walked by this lovely gate and garden combination again this evening.  It’s not in our neighborhood, but an adjacent one.

A lovely garden vignette

This pot of Virginia bluebells, with the barn wood entrance, has made me happy for two days now.  And this was the same walk I took this afternoon, when the rain stopped — it’s one of my favorite ones, looping up around the Grove Park Inn, back down, and back.

It was eerie to see how empty the Grove Park Inn was.  The front door was open but there were virtually no cars in the parking areas.  I totally get why coming to Asheville in practically shut-down mode wouldn’t be attractive, but… it was a dramatic reminder of what’s happening in our tourist town.

I was happy to be out, regardless, hardly seeing anyone out walking, and the few folks I saw — well, we passed 6 feet apart.  It’s a different world.

I’m including another photo of me with my Inspired Gardener hat.  It makes me happy, too.  Thanks, Botanical Interests.