Year-round kitchen gardening

It’s a bit ironic to be talking tomorrow morning about year-round kitchen gardening down in Brevard, for a Master Gardeners outreach program, as our temperatures here in Asheville will dip into record low temperatures tomorrow night.

I’ve already covered some of my cool-season veggies, planted late from transplants in October and young spinach seedlings, too, with heavy horticultural fabric.

But the temperatures expected tomorrow night are so extreme for this time of the year, I’m expecting to lose even kale and collards, in spite of protection.  I’m planning to cover all of the beds tomorrow with Remay and greenhouse plastic film,  thinking well, why not?

Maybe some plants will survive the deep freeze — it’s been so warm recently, I’m thinking the stones will buffer some of the cold, as will the apartment next door.

Before the freeze a couple of days ago