Year-round vegetable gardening

I’m not practicing this like I used to, now diving time between Western Northern Carolina and Quebec, but maybe my overwintered kale and spinach and the transplants of kale, chard, and collards are part of the picture, too.  We’ll see how the sugar snap peas that I sowed yesterday fare.

It’s about one season in 6 or 7 spring or fall plantings that do well here in our variable conditions.

I’m doing a program at a local nursery on Saturday about year-round vegetable gardening.  There were 37 people signed up (for a free program) as of Monday afternoon.  It’ll be interesting to see how many folks actually show up.  We don’t have confirmed coronavirus cases in our city, but the testing capacity is pretty darn limited.

I’ll be there regardless.  Even though I’m rapidly approaching 65 (next month(, I’m not otherwise at risk with underlying conditions, etc.

A Veronica cultivar —lovely

But, I do think I made my last Y visit for a while, this morning.  It was quiet.  But I don’t like going to the gym enough to expose myself to anything, although the Y is doing a fine job keeping things sanitized.

Social distancing was in evidence at the winery shop at Biltmore Estate this afternoon.  We were picking up our Wine Club membership spring allocation and it was interesting to see that Biltmore had rearranged the shop area to provide lots of extra space (aka social distancing) even though there were plenty of visitors still on site.  And all of the free chip and dip samples had disappeared, too, for obvious reasons.

And there was plenty of room in the Wine Club area, too.  At least 6 feet between every table.  Not a whole lot more than usual, but it still was noticeable.